About Us

Welcome to Infinity Physical Therapy!

Dr. Ahmed Zaki, uses a variety of practices to assist you in reaching your goals, and returning to your fully able self.  Contact us today to begin your healing journey.

Mission Statement

Our mission here at Infinity Physical therapy is to help individuals obtain long lasting improvements on their physical health.  We aim to provide innovative techniques, person-centered care and add value to our client’s health with every interaction.


Promote our communities’ physical health and wellness by providing optimal physical therapy services to our clients.


Health and wellness
W – Welcoming environment that strives for inclusion.
E – Excellent person-centered care.
L – Learning new innovative techniques to help benefit our clients.
L –  Leading clients to a better physical state.
N – Nourishing workspace that cares for the whole person.
E –  Energized environment that promotes health and wellness.
S – Striving for long term physical improvements
S –  Skilled team here to help you meet your goals.

About Dr. Zaki

Dr. Zaki received his doctorate degree from Andrew’s University in 2016, graduating with honors, and received his Bachelor’s in Health Science at University of Michigan.

Dr. Zaki has professional experience in clinical directorships, mentorships, chronic pain management, surgical rehab and completing over 3,000 functional dry needling procedures. Dr. Zaki is certified in wet cupping/Hijama from Cairo University