Welcome to Infinity Physical Therapy!

Our mission here at Infinity Physical therapy is to help individuals obtain long lasting improvements on their physical health.  We aim to provide innovative techniques, person-centered care and add value to our client’s health with every interaction.


Automobile Accident Injuries Strain/Counterstrain
Back and Neck Pain Headaches
Arthritis TMJ/TMD
Occupational Injuries Shoulder Pain/Rotator
Joint Replacement Cuff Injuries
Neurological Disorders Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Post Surgical Repair Tendinitis
Rehabilitation After Stroke Sprain
Geriatric Rehabilitation Bursitis
Tendon and Ligament Injuries Impingement
Spinal Injuries Disc Bulge/Herniation
Chronic Pain Stenosis
Lymphedema Gait Dysfunction
COPD Joint Malignment
Congestive Heart Failure Degenerative Disc Disease